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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

Quick update… Benjamin lasted less than 24 hours on cpap and is now on the high flow nasal cannula. One of our favorite nurses told his doctors when they were rounding this morning how much cpap bothered him. They said he could try the cannula and he’s been doing well with it so far. He’s still having the occasional desat, but it’s usually only when he’s fussy. He’s also a bit tachypnic (hyperventilating) so that isn't good, but that should stop once he adjusts to the cannula. The good news is he’s keeping his milk down now. They vent his feeding tube so if he gets worked up he won’t aspirate and last night his entire feed was pretty much getting vented out of his stomach because he was so upset.

The other big change this morning was he was put in a crib! He’s no longer in the isolette since he can regulate his own temperature. I have to say, we thought he looked tiny in the isolette, but you can barely find him in the crib!


  1. Congratulations to Benjamin on his 4 lbs! I hope he does well on the cannula. It's so good to have special nurses to be advocates for him.

  2. YAY for Benjamin!!! That's your little fighter! Sounds like he's making great progress lately. Miss you sweetie and I hope to see you soon.

  3. Oh that is fantastic news!!! Congrats to little Benjamin!

  4. Nominate that nurse for a daisy award. She deserves it. I love when the nurses really get to know the patients. It helps when we have to be away from our kids.