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Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010

Well Benjamin lasted all of 3 days off the antibiotics. He had been doing so well since Tuesday; however, this afternoon we noticed he started having clusters of extreme brady spells (drops in his heart rate) which he hardly ever does. His blood counts were way out of whack and indicated the start of yet another mysterious infection so his surgical docs will be putting in the order to administer the antibiotics again tonight.

His dye study he had on Friday went well. The contrast moved through his upper intestine at a slow pace, but there were no signs of an obstruction so they were planning on starting his feeds tomorrow. This probably won’t happen now since he’s battling this infection.

Good news is he’s doing much better respiratory wise. His blood gases have been coming back great so they’ve weaned his settings quite a bit. He has a little more to go before they’ll consider moving him to the high flow nasal cannula. This will be a very exciting day because we’ll finally be able to hear his voice!

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