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Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

Thankfully, Benjamin's white blood cell count has lowered and he seems to be feeling better, although he's had periods of extreme agitation lately. This irritability could be lingering pain from his surgery as well as a result of his reflux which is back full force. They started his feeds again on the 4th and he's tolerating them from a bowel standpoint, but he's having trouble keeping it down. He actually spit up twice today.

One thing we noticed is that he's been favoring one side when he's in his crib and unfortunately because we can't be there 24/7, he's not held as much and his little head is misshapen. I pointed it out to his nurse today because I was worried and she said he'll probably need a helmet. Good lord. I've started calling him my little handyman special!

His weight gain is still ridiculous... he's 9 lbs. 4 ozs. Ryan and I keep joking that he's not ours because we don't make big babies! Seriously though, he's got the chubbiest cheeks! We can't comprehend the obsession these doctors have with fattening up babies. It just doesn't make sense... he's got a tiny head and is only 19.5 inches long. I mean, come on now! We were told today that once he's reached what they consider "full feeds", if he's not gaining a certain amount of weight on straight breast milk, they're going to give him additional calories. Then I'm sure they'll tell us they're concerned because he hasn't reached his milestone of rolling over... well of course he won't do that because he's going to be so big it'll be too much for him to maneuver!

For those who have prayed with us that we get more smiles, we want to let you know that we have been. He's not only smiling more over the past few days, he's started cooing! He is the absolute cutest little guy.


  1. So happy to hear that he's feeling a little better. And I bet he's the sweetest little butterball ever!! Love you!

  2. We have been praying for you from the very beginning, and continue to do so daily. May God's peace and grace fill your hearts and may He continue to hold Benjamin in His loving hands, blessing him with a healthy recovery. Thank you for all of your updates. We were away during his surgery, and anxious to get home to see how he was doing. Let those beautiful baby smiles and coos sustain you!

    God bless your family --

    Cheryl and Pete Hess (from St. Anne's in Hampstead)

  3. One day at a time is how we get through our hospital stays and scary times. Keep hanging in there. Benjamin is such a tough little guy.

    Doctors always want kids to be on the chubby side so they have fat stores to work off of when they take a down turn. Audrey has always had issues keeping the weight on. Now she worries when she loses weight, since she knows what the docs will say. On the other hand, as she stretches out, that is often what happens.

    Keep the faith - our prayers continue.

  4. Thank you Kelly, Cheryl and Sandy for your continued prayers and kind words of encouragement! Sandy, thank you for explaining why these doctors are so strict about the weight... it makes a lot of sense now.