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Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010

Today was a very emotional day. After my last post, we found out that MGH has closed the doors of it's NICU and PICU for an indefinite time. Since Benjamin's bowel surgery is only two weeks away, it was decided that he would go straight to Children's from his eye appointment at Mass Eye and Ear. In all honesty, we know this means we're getting closer to Benjamin coming home, but we just weren't ready. I spent the half hour before the ambulance left this morning choking back tears and giving hugs goodbye. I promised all of Benjamin's doctors and nurses that we would come back for a visit, and we couldn't wait to be on the other side of the special care nursery doors! I had it under control while we were en route (partly because I was kept amused in the ambulance when the EMT let me push the button to sound the siren... it was really cool) and during Benjamin's eye exam (which was not so cool). It wasn't until the South Shore team left us at Children's that my eyes started to well up again and I wanted to scream "please don't go!" It was so sad! Thankfully we were coming back to a familiar place and warm, friendly faces. We're even in the same Bay and bedspace. It's like we never left.

Benjamin also spent most of the day crying (except during the ambulance ride of course). We left him at 9pm and he was hoarse from all the screaming and spitting up he did. Although he's going to get exceptional care at Children's, we know he's not going to get the sleep he needs. He's going from a level 2 nursery back to intensive care (level 3) and it's much louder. The only thing he'll maybe enjoy is the natural lighting.

He'll have his eye surgery probably next week (the two hospitals are trying to work out the logistics). All I can say is please God let this next month fly by as fas as the last month has!

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  1. Oh sweetie... Benjamin and you and Jadyn and Ryan are all in my constant prayers. Let me know if you need anything.