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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010

Today Benjamin was put back on the CPAP machine (they had tried maybe a week ago and he was able to stay on it for 10 hours, but because he wasn’t clearing out enough carbon dioxide, he was put back on the ventilator). He had a hard time calming down so he’s on the fentanyl drip again as opposed to the boluses he was given over the past few days. The CPAP machine provides him with constant bursts of air through tiny prongs in his nose, but allows him to breathe on his own. I was there this afternoon for a little over an hour and he had 2 apnea spells (where he stops breathing and his blood pressure drops). Although this machine makes me nervous, it’s good for him because he can strengthen his lungs and make them healthier. They put his feeds on hold until he adjusts to the machine, then they’ll start him up again. He’s been tolerating his feeds well and we’re hoping that will continue.

Tonight was really tense and extremely emotional. Benjamin had another spell and obviously he couldn’t tolerate the canula they put him on so they wanted to put him back on the vent. Dr. Zahr was called in to help intubate him because he clamped up when others tried.

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